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Father: Michael MAYMON
Mother: Hannah RADCLIFFE

Family 1: Elizabeth BARBER

 _Michael MAYMON ___|
|                   |__
|--James MAYMON 
|                    __
|_Hannah RADCLIFFE _|



Served in the Civil War in the 12th RI and 60th Massachusetts

Info: Jeff Maymon (direct descendent) 1/1998

James left from Liverpool for the United States in 1856 at 12 years old arriving in NY on 13 NOV 1856 aboard the SS William Lapscott. He settled in Providence, RI and according the the 1860 census worked as a carder in a cotton mill there. In 1862 he joined the12th RI Volunteers, Company 6 in Civil War as a private in the infantry. He served until he was wounded in his right leg at Fredericksburg and was discharged on July 19 1863. James re-enlisted on July 16,1864 as part of the 60th Massachusetts Volunteers and served with them until he mustered out on November 30, 1864.

James's sister Alice immigrated to US in 1863 and lived with him when the 1900 census was taken. James married Elizabeth Barber on September 17, 1866 and had seven children. According to census data he lived in Lincoln, RI and worked in the cotton mills in the area the remainder of his life.

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